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My entire family looks forward to dressing up for Halloween every year. has a great selection of costumes and accessories for all ages.  My youngest two children tend to change their minds a lot when it comes to deciding on what costume they want for Halloween.  I find that plopping them on my laps and pouring over the pages at is the easiest way to help them make a decision.  I can quickly show them all of the children’s costumes and they can visually see what each costume looks like on a child.

dsc_0326_edited-1 img_2352img_2355

Once my son set eyes on this Mickey Mouse costume, his decision was made.  He wanted that costume.  He was going to be Mickey Mouse.  We ordered the largest size, which was size 4-6.  My son will be 6 years old in two months so it just fits him.  I wasn’t very worried about it fitting a little small on him since I was going to need to layer him in long black pants and sleeves to keep him warm anyway.  The mouse ears fit on the head like a bonnet and tie close under the chin.  This is the one part of the costume that is clearly too small for my little man.  Luckily we have a warm Mickey Mouse stocking hat my son is going to wear with the costume.  Living in Wisconsin, keeping warm is key with our costume choices!  This Mickey Mouse costume is super cute and my son loves it.  That’s all I can ask for.

dsc_0121 dsc_0012

My baby girl completely shocked me this Halloween by choosing to be Bo Peep.  Her costume is really fun and cute but she really needed a staff to complete the look. has a great selection of accessories, so I was able to find the perfect staff to complete my daughter’s Bo Peep costume.  My order was packaged well and shipped quickly.  The cane came in several pieces but was super easy to put together.

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Get your costume today at!

I received a promotional code to purchase a discounted Halloween Costume for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product I reviewed.


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Shimmer & Shine Genie Friends Forever Game


Briarpatch has created the ultimate selection of board games perfect for family game night!  My kids can’t get enough of our Briarpatch games so I thought I would share some of our new favorites.  Each Friday I will introduce you to one of the games featured in the picture above so you can get a feel for the game and what my kids love about it!  Since Shimmer & Shine has taken over my house as well as the toy isles this fall, we are going to start by featuring the new Shimmer & Shine game, Genie Friends Forever.

dsc_0378 dsc_0382

The Shimmer & Shine Genie Friends Forever Game can have 2-4 players with each game player getting to choose a game piece of either Shimmer, Shine, Tala, or Nahal.  Each player has a magic carpet game piece featuring four different jewels.  Each player collects jewels to fill their magic carpet and then he or she may fly over to Leah’s world where all the players work together to fill the genie bottle with jewels.  My kids love to race to fill their magic carpets and I love that the game ends by all the players working together.  It leaves all of the kids feeling good at the end of the game.  No sad children feeling bad about not winning in this game!  Shimmer & Shine Genie Friends Forever Game is great game for teaching kids strategy, teamwork, and positive social interaction.  Your Shimmer & Shine fan will love the game board and the game pieces!


The Shimmer & Shine Genie Friends Forever Game is intended for kids ages 3 years old and up.  My kids are 3, 5, and 8 years old and they all can play this game according to the rules and absolutely love it.  It can be challenging to find board games that are both fun and easy enough to keep the attention of a 3 year old yet still fun enough to keep an 8 year old engaged for the duration of the game.  Certain spots on the game board require you to toss the game token and every time it lands “boom zahramay” side up, my kids all yell the phrase and giggle.  My entire family loves this new Shimmer & Shine game by BriarPatch.  We have played this game more than a handful of times and my kids always complete the game.  They never get bored with it, and they always ask to play it again.  It has quickly become a family favorite.


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Shimmer & Shine Genie Friends Forever Game can be purchased in stores as well as online at Amazon and Are You Game.

I received the Shimmer & Shine Genie Friends Forever Game for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.

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Loop Review & Giveaway: Get in the Loop with the Ultimate Phone Strap!


loop_twill_aqua looplogo

Meet your phone’s new best friend, the Loop.  Who knew a simple phone strap could be life changing?  Whether you are looking for a way to keep a more relaxed hold on your phone or way to help the dreaded phone drop, the Loop has you covered!  Loop phone straps are made in Canada and are only $6 or less a piece!  The Loop offers two styles of phone straps.  The Petite Loop allows for creates a wrist strap perfect for multitasking.  As a mom of three, I am always multi-tasking and my phone often pays the price by crashing to the ground when my hands are full.  Thanks to the Petite Loop I can easily carry my sleeping child, several bags, and my phone stays securely attached to my wrist.  I also love knowing my phone is protected from drops, when I am near water.  I love taking photos and videos of my kids playing at the lake or of the eagles flying by when we are on a boat ride.  With the Petite Loop keeping my phone securely attached to my wrist, I don’t have to worry about accidently dropping my phone in the water!

dsc_0344dsc_0352 dsc_0346

The Ninja Loop allows you to comfortably hold your phone by simply placing your fingertips through the loop over the back of your phone.  This allows for a relax hold in nearly any position.  I read on my phone a lot and the Ninja Loop allows me to have a very comfortable and secure hold on my phone with minimal effort on my part.  I so wish I had had a Loop when I was nursing my babies!  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed a lot of quality time with my babies during their feedings, but my youngest refused a bottle so there were many feedings I could have benefited from the ability to multitask while easily holding my phone in one hand.  This UAG phone case is my favorite but the sides have such a smooth finish that often found myself dropping my phone.  The Ninja Strap was the perfect solution to save my slippery fingers from dropping my phone.  The summer striped pattern of my Ninja Loop is really fun and happy looking.  This phone strap truly makes my hand happy as well!

dsc_0324dsc_0325 dsc_0328

The Loop is compatible with most smartphones.


Both of my boys have Nexus 5 phones and they both are loving their new Ninja Loops.  They have smaller hands and the Loop allows them to relax their hands while holding their phones to play games.  The Loop is available in a variety of different color and patterns choices.  My 8 year old has a black phone with a black phone case.  He likes the all black look, so he quickly claimed the black Ninja Loop.  The monochrome look is pretty sleek.


My younger son loves red, so he claimed the red Ninja Loop for his smartphone.  A clear photo of him using the Ninja Loop was impossible because he is always on the move.  The Ninja Loop has been working great to help prevent phone drops for my active 5 year old!


I have the iPhone SE and both style Loops work great with my phone.  Thanks to this cool product line, I might even move to a bigger phone in the future.  I honestly keep buying the smallest size iPhone because my hand gets sore while holding bigger sized phones.  The Loop helps you keep a relaxed hold even on larger phones.  Both Loop styles are easy to apply.  Simply apply the sticky portion of the Loop to the inside of a clean phone case and you are ready to go once you place your phone inside the case.  If you don’t like your original placement of your Loop, you can pull it off the case and reapply it.  I did this with all of my Loops and they are working great.

dsc_0359 dsc_0361

Buy It!

Get in the Loop and get your phone one of these amazing smartphone accessories. These functional yet affordable Loops would make great stocking stuffers! The Petite Loop retails for $5.99 and the Ninja retails for $4.99.  Loops ship free when you purchase 3 or more.  Have a lot of phones and/or cases in your household?  If you buy 5 loops, you will receive 1 free!  However, if you hurry over to the Loop website, The Petite Loop is currently on sale!

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One lucky reader at The Children’s Nook is going to win the Ninja Loop and Petite Loop of his or her choice!

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Giveaway will end at 12:01 a.m. (eastern time) on November 16, 2016.  This giveaway is open to residents in both the U.S. and Canada.  The winner will be selected by and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

I received Loop phone straps for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the products I reviewed.

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I See Me! New Birthday Book Review & Giveaway


I See Me! is a company I have been trusting for years to create personalized books and gifts for my kids, friends, and family.  I See Me! personalized books are little masterpieces my kids will never stop enjoying.  All three of my kids have several I See Me! books and they still read and appreciate each and every one of them.  My oldest son is nearly 8 and a half years old and he still reads the I See Me! My Very Happy Birthday board book, he received on his 4th birthday.  He recently told me it is still his favorite book because it is all about him and the things that make him special.  I See Me! books do just that…..make kids feel special.  The newest I See Me! book, It’s My Birthday!, can be personalized with your child’s name, photo, age, home town, and more!  My 5 year old son will be turning 6 before the years end, so I had this new I See Me! book personalized in celebration of his upcoming birthday.  This fun story has the entire world celebrating your little one’s special day.  The birthday boy or girl flies all over the world and into outer space with Buzzy the bird to find birthday greetings and celebrations in other cities, countries, and planets!  The president of the United States even has a special birthday message for your little one.

dsc_0706 dsc_0706-1

The new I See Me! book, It’s My Birthday!, truly celebrates the uniqueness of your child.  My son is extremely proud of his new birthday book and can’t wait to share it with his friends and family.  I See Me! does a great job of sneaking in little personalized messages throughout the story.  My son’s picture pops up 10 different times as well.  He loves finding himself on each page as he travels through his birthday adventure.  The It’s My Birthday! book is filled with colorful illustrations and rhyming text that are sure to brighten up story time day after day.  The only thing more exciting than seeing my son eagerly wanting to read a book, is seeing how proud and happy this special story leaves him feeling every time we read it.  Giving a child a personalized I See Me! book is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Connect with I See Me! to stay informed of new products and promotions.

Buy It!
You can purchase personalized children’s books as well as any other I See Me! product online at their website.  The Friends and Family sale is currently going on at I See Me! so this is the perfect time to order those special holiday and birthday gifts!  Once you have found the perfect gifts for your little ones, enter coupon code Friends30 at checkout to save 30% off your purchase.   This offer is good through October 17, 2016.

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One lucky reader at The Children’s Nook is going to win a personalized copy of the It’s My Birthday! book.

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I received the new It’s My Birthday! book from I See Me! for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of the product I reviewed.

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Find Halloween Tricks and Treats at Oriental Trading


Oriental Trading has a great selection of Halloween items that has people getting crafty and embracing tons of fun, spooky, and even cute décor and treats!  With a few select items from Oriental Trading you can have your house Halloween ready and your trick or treat bins overflowing with goodies.  Once your house is Boo worthy, don’t forget to dress up yourself.  My hubby and I love to dress up with our kids when we take them trick or treating.  If you are simply handing out candy at your home, don’t forget to dress up too!  A fun accessory such as a hat or cape could add a lot of fun to your Halloween.


Food allergies and other health concerns can make it hard for a lot of kids to find find treats that are safe for them to eat.  I can’t stand the thought of any kid walking up to my door all decked out for Halloween leaving my house empty handed so I always make sure I offer non-candy treats in addition to candy.  Oriental Trading is my go to source for non-candy treats every Hall0ween.  They have a great selection of affordable Halloween themed novelty toys, stickers, pencils, and much more.  The Halloween Porcupine Bendables are not only cute but quite entertaining for little ones.  My kids busy little fingers can’t get enough of bending these characters arms and legs.  They love to set the characters up in poses and play with them.  These characters did have a strong smell when I opened the bags, so I set them outside for awhile to air them out.


The pirate party themed items at Oriental Trading also work great for Halloween.  The Pirate Pouches with Jewels are a huge hit with my kids.  I hid a few pouches in my back yard and sent my kids on a search for the missing treasure.  They were so excited to find the colorful jewels inside.  The jewels are fun to both look at and touch.  My kids use these jewels in pretend play on a regular basis. Each pirate bag comes with jewels pictured above.  The six pairs of different colored jewels come safely inside a sealed plastic bag inside of the pirate pouch.

dsc_0693 dsc_0702

I find throw pillows to be a fun and easy way to give any room a more festive feel.  These Zipper Mouth Characters from Oriental Trading make for very fun Halloween themed throw pillows.  They are just the right size to toss on any chair or sofa.  You can double them up or spread them out, but if you have little ones running around they will most likely be hugged, cuddled, and played with.  My kids absolutely love these fun spooky pillows.  The stitching detail, button eyes, and zippers give each of these characters a cute and playful look.  They have also held up well to my kids playing with them.


We often think of Oriental Trading as a great source of party supplies and unique treats, but they also offer a nice selection of costumes.  My oldest son recently starting reading Harry Potter books and was excited to see the Harry Potter Halloween costume on the Oriental Trading website.  The Harry Potter Robe costume is made in the USA and includes a long hooded robe with the Gryffindor crest on it and a clasp.  The robe is very soft and will keep your wizard warm on a cool Halloween night.  This is a huge bonus for us here in Wisconsin since Halloween tends to be extremely cold most years.  A simple white button up shirt would look nice under the robe and if you have to fight cold weather like us, you can easily bundle your little wizard up in layers of clothing under the robe!


Oriental Trading also has a great selection of Harry Potter accessories that help complete this costume.  No good wizard should be without a wand!

Buy It!

Get ready to have some fun and visit Oriental Trading to explore the Halloween Sale!

I received Halloween products from Oriental Trading in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the products.

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prAna: Stylish, Versitle, and Sustainable Clothing Brand

charcoaldots logopranagingertop

The company, prAna, began making clothing in 1992 intended for people to wear while doing yoga or hiking.  The company name, prAna, is the Sanskrit word for breath, life, and vitality of the spirit.  The clothing created by prAna is versatile in both style and function.  Using high quality materials such as organic cotton and hemp, prAna clothing is made well to ensure a stylish look and excellent fit.  With prAna apparal you can be ready for wherever the day takes you and look great while doing it!  The Ginger Top and Kara Jeans from prAna have recently become two major staples of my wardrobe.

dsc_0682 dsc_0687

The prAna Kara Jeans are like no other I have ever owned.  They are very lightweight and comfortable.  The Kara Jeans are made up of 79% Organic Cotton, 19% Polyester, and 2% Spandex.  These jeans feel less rigid yet they have nice shape and style to them.  I am a huge fan of these jeans.  I have the Kara Jeans in the charcoal dots color and pattern.  The dot detail is slightly raised up on the pants making these neutral colored pants much more fun.  They run a little long than other brands of jeans so you can wear them cuffed at the bottom with flats or heels and they can easily be tucked into a pair of boots to complete a great fall look.  I am all legs so the longer length of these pants works well for me. I can easily wear them with flats without rolling the bottoms up.  However, the lightweight material allows you to easily roll them up and they look really cute dressed up or down depending on your top and shoe choice!

dsc_0684 dsc_0677

The Kara Jeans are available in a variety of really pretty colors.  The picante dots would be gorgeous for fall and the grapevine color is extremely pretty.  These amazing colors paired with the lightweight material of these jeans make them perfect for this active mom.  I can comfortably move around and play with my kids yet still looking well put together.  I love color and adding interesting pieces to my wardrobe.  The neutral colors of these pants make great staples in any wardrobe and I simply can’t resist the other fun color choices.


The prAna Ginger Top has a cowl neckline with an asymmetrical hem.  This top is 52% Organic Cotton and 48% Polyester and super comfy to wear.  The quality of the material is great and has quickly become one of my favorite tops.  The Ginger top is designed to have a relaxed fit and has a side slit on the left side that gives it a fun and flirty feel.  I ordered this top in a size medium and found that it fits true to size.  The cowl neckline allows you to change the look of this top by simply changing how the neckline rests on your body.  The design of the prAna Gringer Top is somehow extremely relaxed yet very feminine. This combination will quickly turn this top into one of your go to items in your closet!

dsc_0696 dsc_0679

I am 100% relaxed when wearing my prAna clothing.  I feel good wearing them because I feel put together yet completely comfortable. I never find myself yanking up the waistline of my pants and there is never a need to pull down a creeping hemline on the shirt.  The fabric feels nice against my skin.  These clothes wear well and look great.

Buy It!


Checkout the stylish and versatile clothing at the prAna website.  Use discount code: MMLPTCHN to receive 15% off your prAna purchase!  This coupon code is valid one time per customer and is good through October 31, 2016.

I received the prAna Kara Jeans and the Ginger top via MomsMeet for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the products I reviewed.

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Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste

dsc_0143Wellness is the path to happiness.  This is the positive company motto of Himalaya. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a family owned business that has been crafting herbal medicines based on Ayurveda since 1930.  Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of medicine that believes the journey back to wholeness begins with nurturing the capacity for joy.  With this belief, Himalaya now offers a full line of clinically studied herbal formulations, certified USDA organic pure herbs, and body care products that includes an awesome selection of complete care toothpaste.


Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste is free of Carrageenan, SLS, Gluten, and Fluoride.  Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste is made up of four key ingredients to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.  Neem is found in Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste.  These leaves are harvested from Triphala and Xylitol available in a  To aid in cleaning teeth, Triphala is in Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpastes.  This ingredient is composed of the three myrobalan fruits.  Triphala is a traditional detox formula in ancient Ayurveda.  Pomegranate is another key ingredient in these toothpastes.  Pomegranate is an astringent fruit extract that helps support healthy looking gums by tightening the tissues.  I was happy to find that Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpastes also contain Xylitol.  I am a big fan of using toothpastes with this  tooth-friendly sweetener because it has been clinically-studied to support good oral hygiene.  This herbal blend helps remove plaque, supports healthy-looking gums and maintains white teeth.  I have been really happy with how clean and fresh my teeth feel after brushing with Himalaya Complete Care Toothpastes.


Himalaya Complete Care Toothpastes are available in a variety of flavors Whitening Complete Care Simply Peppermint, Whitening Complete Care Simply Mint, Complete Care Simply Peppermint, Simply Mint, Simply Cinnamon, Simply Spearmint and the Original Neem and Pomegranate toothpaste.  I honestly can’t choose a favorite flavor; however, I do prefer using the flavors with whitening since I do love drinking my daily cup of coffee!  Each tube of toothpaste has a nice twist off cap.  I am personally a big fan of toothpaste caps that do not flip open.  My hubby tends to leave those open and make a big mess.  The twist on and off cap is a packaging detail that leaves my bathroom free of leaking or hardened toothpaste.

Buy It!

Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste retails for $5.99.

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

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Kidorable Review & Giveaway


Kidorable rain gear and accessories are loved by both children and adults.  They offer a fun selection of styles for both boys and girls that encourage little ones to get outside and explore.  My kids have been wearing Kidorable rain gear to stay dry for years.  My five year old son won’t get on the school bus without his Kidorable gear if there is even a hint of rain.  My kids love this gear because each piece is loaded with fun details that truly make wearing Kidorable accessories something to be proud of in their eyes.  My kids also find great value in the fact that these items also keep them dry and comfortable when outdoors.

img_1261  dsc_0952dsc_0973

My daughter’s new Ballerina Rain Boots have already protected her tiny feet on many adventures.  These rain boots literally give her happy feet.  In rain or sunshine, I will find my daughter jumping, dancing, skipping, twirling, and running in her ballerina rain boots.  She finds them to be easy to get on and comfortable to move around in as well.  Best of all, my tiny dancer loves the colorful and girly design that suites her personality perfectly.  These rose tipped boots are covered in pink and purple the delight of every girly girl out there.  The pink detail gives the boots the look of ballet shoes with ribbon laces.  These ballerina boots will have your little one dancing in the rain!


Despite the sunshine in this photo our backyard was under water back towards the pond.  My daughter loves that she can stomp around in the puddles with her Kidorable rain boots!  Even when its dry she likes to wear her rain boots when walking the trails in the fields.  The tall rubbery boots do a great job of providing traction  and protection her legs from getting scratched up.

img_1453 img_1446

It is hard to wake up from nap on a rainy day but Kidorable ballerina rain boots are a great incentive to get up for dance class!

Buy It!


It’s officially fall and rain showers are leaving us chilled.  Keep your little ones dry and warm with Kidorable rain gear!  The Ballerina Rain boots are available for purchase online at the Kidorable website.

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One lucky reader at The Children’s Nook is going to win the Kidorable Umbrella of his or her choice!

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Kidorable provided me with Ballerina Rain Boots for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product I reviewed.

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MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders

I received this product for free from Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

Meet this mom’s new secret weapon, MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders.  These amazing powders are helping me keep my kids well nourished AND happy with their meal choices.  MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders are made with farm fresh whole foods and nutrients.  These powders can be easily added to your child’s food or drink and are available in several different varieties allowing you focus on your child’s developmental and nutritional needs.  MegaFood Kids Daily Multi, Kids Daily Immune and Kids Daily B-Centered are all created to support the well-being of kids 5 years of age and older.

img_1730 img_1731

MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders are also a great alternative to sugary multivitamins.  Does your little one struggle with chewing or swallowing vitamins?  Maybe you simply want to save your kids teeth from being exposed to sugary chewable vitamins.  MegaFood powders are unsweetened dietary supplements and non GMO.   They are also Dairy free, Soy free, and Gluten free.  MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders have No colorings, No flavorings, No herbicides, No pesticides, and No preservatives.  Simply add one scoop of MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders to 6-8 ounces of your child’s favorite smoothie or juice and let them enjoy!


My 5 year old son is the definition of a picky eater.  Textures are his biggest battle when it comes to food.  Therefore, MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders have become my new favorite way to diversify my son’s diet.  Tonight my son actually came back for a third serving of smoothie….yes, thirds!  This smoothie was made up of organic vanilla yogurt, two bananas, strawberries, one kiwi, ice, and a scoop of MegaFood Kids Daily Immune.  This is my go to MegaFood choice for my 5 year old since he just started all day kindergarten this school year.  My daughter is also a huge fan of smoothies so we use the MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders most frequently blended up in a smoothie.  Since my daughter is only 3 years of age, we only use one scoop of MegaFood powders with our smoothie recipe that yields about 28 ounces of smoothie to drink.  This allows her to enjoy the smoothies with the family and we all get a little extra nutrients in the mix! However, if your littles are 5 and older I would recommend using 2 scoops when making this batch of smoothies.


Don’t mess with this girl and her MegaFood smoothie.  She honestly loves these smoothies so much, she will quickly drink her own and then cuddle up with me so she can steal mine!

Buy It!

MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders are available at your natural products retailer!  Visit the MegaFood website to watch live cams of their vitamin powders being made on site!

I received MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders via MomsMeet for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the products I reviewed.


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Swaddle Designs Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack Review & Giveaway


Sleep can be one of baby’s biggest challenges throughout his or her first year of life.  As parents, we are sleep deprived ourselves during these months and we want nothing more than to have our babies sleeping safe and sound for several hours at a clip.  As baby transitions from swaddling, it can be challenging to find a safe and effective way to keep babies warm throughout the night.  I am simply too paranoid to let my kids sleep with loose blankets until they are toddlers, so Swaddle Designs Sleep Sacks were a life saver for myself and my babies for many years.  A wearable blanket is simply brilliant.  Your little one won’t wake up cold since he or she can’t kick it off while sleeping and it eliminates the need for any loose blankets for the child to get tangled up in throughout the night.

img_1567  img_1568

The Swaddle Designs Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack has a smart design with a 2-way zipper and is made of a light weight breathable fabric of soft and stretchy 100% cotton.  The 2-way zipper makes diaper changing quick and easy!  These sleep sacks are machine washable and hold up well to many washings in my experience.  The Swaddle Designs Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack is available in two sizes.  The 0-6 month size fits up to 28 inches and the 6-12 month size fits up to 32 inches.  Both sizes are available in a variety of Swaddle Designs prints and colors that I simply adore.  As always, Swaddle Designs offers cute modern designs perfect for boys, girls, or both!

img_1569 img_1566

I have the 6-12 month Swaddle Designs Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack in the pink Lolli Fleur pattern.  The pinks and gray are so soft and pretty and the design is so adorable!

Buy It!


You can learn more about Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sacks and check out the fun patterns and colors online at the Swaddle Designs website.

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One lucky reader at The Children’s Nook is going to win a Swaddle Designs Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway will end at 11:59 p.m. (eastern time) on October 14, 2016. This giveaway is open to residents in the U.S. and Canada! The winner will be selected by and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

I received a Swaddle Designs Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product.

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