Exofab Gel Guards Review & Giveaway


I would like to introduce you to my new iPhone protector, Exofab.  Exofab gel guards are sleek and functional and I absolutely love them.  Since my children are always grabbing my phone, I am in need of some quality protection for my iPhone.  Unfortunately, most protective cases add bulk to my phone and completely change the look and feel of it.  Exofab provides protection for my phone with thin adhesive gel guards that absorb impacts and protect against harmful UV radiation.  The exofab even self-heals itself if scratched or punctured!  This keeps my phone protected and the case looking fresh and new.


Exofab guards come in 2 in 1 waterproof product packaging.  Inside the package you will find front and back guards, 2 sets of side guards, cleaning wipe, Screen protector , squeegee, and cloth.  The two sets of side guards are in two different colors so you can give your phone a fresh new look just by changing out the side guards.  The cleaning products did an excellent job of cleaning my phone but I am not currently using the screen protector that came with the Exofab case.  I did apply this screen protector on my phone; however, I already removed it since I did not like the look and feel of my screen when the protector was in place.  This was not a huge deal for me since I am generally not a huge fan of screen protectors anyway.  Each piece of the gel guard is precisely cut to fit your phone perfectly.  I was amazed at how easily I was able to apply each piece of my gel guard to my phone.  It fits my phone perfectly and has provided excellent protection against scratches and drops ever since I applied it to my phone.  In fact, the case still looks like new!

April 2014 006 April 2014 009

The color options for the Exofab gel guards range from classic and sleek to fun and vibrant.  I have not been using my small gel buttons since I like to use the touch id feature to unlock my phone.  However, I thought it would be fun this summer to give my phone a patriotic look buy using my blue Exofab case with the U.S. flag gel buttons.  The colors look great together!  My Exofab gel guards have already saved my phone from a few tumbles.  I bumped my phone on the table a few days ago while holding my daughter and gel guards actually stopped my phone from falling to the floor.  My phone was literally hanging off the edge yet never fell thanks to the non-slip material of the case.  This case performs great without making my phone bulky in size. My boys love to play with their Angry Birds Telepods on my phone and they can easily launch their characters into the game even with the gel guards on the phone.  My kids can comfortably hold my phone with the Exofab gel guards protecting it and they also can rest my phone on the countertop and I don’t have to worry about it slipping off because the case will stick to the surface.  The Exofab has such a smart design!

April 2014 586

Now that I have addressed the function of this premium quality case, I must gush about the feature that makes this case so much fun.  The Exofab gel guards stick to glass!  I never thought I would be so confident in a case that I would stick my precious iPhone on a window or mirror and walk away, but I now do it quite often.  I must admit that before using the Exofab gel guards, I was incapable of taking a decent selfie.   The Exofab has changed how I take a selfie and given me the ability to actually take a picture where my head is not chopped off.  My kids also love this feature.  They think it is pretty great that my phone can stick to glass and we have a lot of fun taking silly pictures.

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Exofab gel guards are available for iPhone 4 and 5 as well as the Samsung Galaxy SIV.

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One lucky reader at The Children’s Nook is going to win an Exofab case for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 in the color of choice!

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Giveaway will end on May 13, 2014.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.  The winners will be selected by random.org and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

I received Exofab gel guards for the iPhone 5 for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product I reviewed.

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips from Kristi Yamaguchi and a Giveaway!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Lifestyle Tips are from Kristi Yamaguchi; however, all other thoughts are mine alone.


I recently had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with Kristi Yamaguchi and Alpine Lace Deli Cheese.  It was an amazing experience to get to ask Kristi questions and gain insight into how an athlete and mother such as Kristi tries to keep her family healthy.  The only thing that would have made this experience better is if I could have reach my hand into the computer and try the amazing sandwich Kristi was holding up made with Alpine Lace cheese!  Lets just say the sandwich was

A few tips from Kristi Yamaguchi:

  • Stay balanced by having 3 go to healthy snack items.  Kristi says she and her family love to snack on cheese and fresh fruit.  Alpine Lace Deli Cheese is a favorite of hers because of the 25% reduced fat content.  Cheese and fruit are daily snacks in our household as well.  Do you have a favorite go to snack?
  • Stay hydrated to help you stay energized……lots of water!
  • Keep a daily journal
  • Put exercise time on the calendar.  It can be as simple as a family walk after dinner!  Going outside and playing with her kids is one of the easiest ways for Kristi to stay active.
  • If you have to sit for long periods of time at work or home, try to take a 5 minute break every hour or two and walk around or stretch.  Kristi says this is very common in Japan.
  • Stay connected to friends.  This keeps your mind happy and healthy.

What do you and your family love to do to stay active?  Also, I would love to know if you moms take a me moment every day.  Kristi really recommends this but I must admit that I am terrible at getting a little me time.

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One reader will win a Julia jacket from Tsu.Ya, Kristi Yamaguchi’s activewear line (size medium), One Line a Day Journal and a coupon for Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese!

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Peter Panda Melts Down! Review & Giveaway

April 2014 336

April has finally brought us a few nice days and we have been outside every moment possible.  Getting all of this much missed fresh air has made for some exciting and exhausting days that have ended in a few melt downs.  We have definitely been cooped up inside for too long!  Peter Panda Melts Down! has been my go to story to read the kids lately.  This is a story about a 3 year old Panda, Peter.  He is mostly a good little panda.  However, he often gets frustrated, and when Peter gets frustrated….he melts down!  However, does mama panda handle these meltdowns?

April 2014 335

Panda Melts Down! may be a little less silly than author, Artie Bennett’s last couple books, but he still manages to find humor in the not so pleasant moments in life such as the dreaded temper tantrum.  When your little one gets frustrated, melt downs may occur.  When mama panda finally has a melt down of her very own, I could not help but laugh out loud.  I think all parents have had one of those days when they would love nothing more than to have their own melt down.  When the mood strikes, I just try to hold it together until they are all tucked in bed and I can have that much deserved glass of wine!

April 2014 328Peter Panda Melts Down! has great illustrations and a story filled with everyday tasks that can become quite stressful for parents when their children melt down.  This children’s book is a great story to use as a way to open up conversation about behavior.  Peter Panda has helped us talk about choices and even learn to laugh at ourselves!

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You can purchase Peter Panda Melts Down online at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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I received a copy of Peter Panda Melts Down! for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product I reviewed.


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Mixie Baby Bottle: Ready Before You Need It!


Mixie is a brilliant formula mixing baby bottle.  The Mixie allows you to have baby’s bottle ready before you even need it!  This makes feeding baby on the go much easier and less messy!  With the Mixie, you can have the formula and the water premeasured and ready to go, so all you have to do is mix them together at feeding time.  Not only does this make it easier for you to prepare baby’s bottle but you and baby will both enjoy how quickly he or she will get to eat!  The Mixie is BPA-Phthalate-PVC free and compatible with Dr. Brown’s and BornFree wide-neck nipples.  I love having the option to use more than one bottle nipple style since you never know which style your baby will take to until you try it.  I wasted a lot of money buying several baby bottles with each of my babies.  The Mixie bottle is available in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes.  This bottle would make a great gift for any new or expecting parents.  Having baby’s bottle ready before you even need it, will make feeding time less stressful when the pressure is on to get baby his or her bottle!

February 2014 609

Fix your Mixie baby formula bottle now and mix it later.

  1. Add formula to compartment. Tap compartment gently on hard surface between scoops to settle powder. (8 oz. Mixie holds up to 4 scoops; 4 oz Mixie holds up to 2 scoops of most leading formula brands.)
  2. Add the water. Formula compartment is a patented, air-tight design.
  3. Push the button on the bottle bottom to release the powder.
  4. Simply shake the bottle until formula is well blended with water. The formula compartment lid works as a free-floating agitator, mixing the formula thoroughly to avoid any clumping.

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February 2014 644

Buy Mixie online now at uncommongoods.com . To see a list of places to buy Mixie online and in stores, check out their Buy page.  Connect with Mixie on Twitter @MixieBaby as well as on Facebook to stay informed of promotions and giveaways!

I was provided a Mixie Bottle for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the products I reviewed.

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Wild Kratts World Adventure


This week is Wild Kratts week at PBS KIDS.  New episodes of the series have been airing all week-long on PBS and a new Wild Kratts app was released as well!  The new Wild Kratts World Adventure app has 30 levels of game play that help kids learn about natural science.

April 2014 237

My boys love the PBS KIDS series, Wild Kratts.as well as the apps.    This app is loaded with over 60 stickers and “Wow facts” for your kids to discover.  Kids can take their own creature power “selfies” as well.  My boys both love this feature!

April 2014 233 April 2014 234

The Wild Kratts World Adventure app has several great games.  The Orangutan creature power game lets kids tilt their device back and forth to imitate the swing of the Orangutan.  My son tends to yell out in excitement when playing this game!

The Woodpecker creature power game that lets kids imitate the strong beak of the woodpecker by tapping on trees to listen and find beetles.  This game is pretty challenging and fun.  At first glance, it seems so easy.  Just tap and the beak starts to peck; however, my son quickly discovered the competition is good in this game and he really needs to act quick on finding beetles.  Once he finds a beetle, he must tap quickly to imitate the strong beak of the woodpecker.  This game has challenged my son and helped him work on rhythm and timing.

The Dolphin creature power suit game that lets kids swim and jump with dolphins as they tilt their device to clean up trash in the ocean is a fun game that also makes our kids aware of My boys love this app.  They play all of the games and enjoy every feature available.  This is a great app for nature lovers, science fans, and of course Wild Kratts fans.  It truly gets my boys interested in animal science and has them asking questions about the world around them.  Now if I could only create a creature power suit for them!


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The Wild Kratt World Adventure app was released this week by PBS KIDS!   An all new volume of Wild Kratts Official episodes are now available to download on iTunes as well. My boys really liked the new hermit crab adventure!  Click here: http://tinyurl.com/kxy8odq


PBS Kids provided product information and as well as the Wild Kratt World Adventure app free of charge for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of the product I reviewed.

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We Love Colors Tights Review

March 2014 1191

We Love Colors has an amazing selection of tights, socks, and more.  My daughter is not even one year old yet I have already run into the challenge of finding matching tights for her dresses.  We Love Colors has over 50 colors to choose from so they are now my go to shop for tights!  Not only is their color selection amazing, but they also offer a variety of patterns and designs to let you have a little fun with fashion.  I personally love the kids striped tights.  They add a sense of fun and playfulness to any outfit!  I got my daughter the navy and white striped tights.  I think they will add a nautical feel to some of her spring outfits!  Have a dancer in the family?  We Love Colors also has a great selection of leotards and other dancewear.

March 2014 1246

My delicate little flower is not so gentle on her tights!  She has tested the flexibility and durability of these tights.

March 2014 1313 copy

The We Love Colors nylon tights are surprisingly durable. My daughter has walked, crawled, and climbed in these tights and they still look like new.  It is nice to know I can order a pair of tights from We Love Colors and not have to worry about baby C shredding them to pieces before we even leave the house!  My daughter is not quite one year old yet, so her tights are bit big on her.  This is to be expected because the size of my baby girl’s We Love Colors tights are 12-24 months and 2-3.  Both of my daughter’s We Love Colors tights are made of nylon but you can get solid colors and other designs in microfiber as well.

March 2014 1196

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Looking for the perfect pair of tights for your new Spring dress?  Complete your fresh new look with tights from We Love Colors!  Connect with We Love Colors on Twitter and Facebook to stay informed of promotions such as the Easter sale that went live today!

I was provided two pairs of kids tights from We Love Colors for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the products I reviewed.

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Aden + Anais Review & Giveaway


Aden + Anais is one of those brands that every new mom should quickly get acquainted with.  Their products are beautiful in both design and function.  As a mother of three I am very familiar with a wide variety of aden + anais products.  We have, use, and love the burpy bibs, dream blankets, changing pad cover, and skin care products.  These are just a few of their fabulous products.  Their products are soft and gentle for baby, perform well, and look beautiful.  Aden + anais products truly are made for baby and designed for you!

February 2014 480

Aden + Anais Dream Blankets are made of four-layers of 100% cotton muslin making them the ultimate cuddle companion.  These blankets are a great size.  My 3-year-old son got one of these blankets when he was a baby and he still sleeps with it.  My daughter is in love with her new dream blanket as well.  She plays peek-a-boo with it and loves to cuddle with it as well.  The muslin is just too soft to resist.  These blankets are well made and very durable.  My kids drag them around the house and we even travel with them quite often.  With each wash, the aden + anais dream blanket gets even softer to the touch.  My kids love their dream blankets.  There is nothing not to love about these blankets.  They really are dreamy.

February 2014 625February 2014 620

Eating is time for exploration and discovery for babies.  As they taste each new flavor and explore new textures, they tend to get more food on themselves and the floor than in their mouths.  These aden + anais burpy bibs do a fabulous job of keeping my baby girl clean while eating finger foods!  They have a smart design that protects her arms and shoulders as well as the front of her clothing.  The burpy bib design curves around your neck to provide maximum coverage when using it as a burp rag and the little snap at the end allows for these muslin burpies to easily snap around your child’s neck as a bib.  One burpy bib serves two purposes!  I always keep one of these in my diaper bag so I am always prepared for mealtime messes.

February 2014 621These muslin burpy bibs are just as soft as their amazing blankets.  My baby girl has actually fallen asleep a few times when wearing these super soft and comfortable aden + anais burpy bibs.  I absolutely love these bibs and they definitely get more use than any other bibs in our home.  The clean up well and simply get softer after each cleaning.

February 2014 459 February 2014 460

Quality baby products are made of more than just muslin at aden +anais.  They also have a quality skin care line for both mom and baby and are all made in the USA.  We use the aden + anais hair and body wash on the kids at bath time.  The tear-free formula is free of phytoestrogen, parabens, petroleum oils, phthalates, gluten and soy.  This hair and body wash is lightly scented with Australian Sandalwood and intensely moisturizing.  It keeps my kids’ skin clean and conditioned.


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You can purchase any of the products featured in this review online at http://www.adenandanais.com/.  If you are an expecting mother, you can even create a baby registry on their website.  Make it easy on yourself and just ask for one of everything!

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One lucky reader at The Children’s Nook is going to win aden + anais mum and bub!

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I was provided a aden + anais dream blanket, bibs, and mum and bub for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the products I reviewed.

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Mastrad Fun and Functional Cooking Gadgets


Mastrad offers a great selection cooking gadgets and tools that allow you to have fun in the kitchen and get your bake on!   I recently started using two new Mastrad gadgets on a regular basis.  The Mastrad 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer and the Oil and Flavor Mister.  I love both of these items for several reasons.  They are easy to use and clean, have multi-purposes, make my time in the kitchen more fun, and they both help me create great tasting food or drinks.

March 2014 011 March 2014 009

The Mastrad 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer has a clever design that allows you to juice any size citrus fruit over a variety of different size glasses and pitcher.  The two-sided juicer has a small side and a larger side, so you can easily fit any size citrus fruit.  The funnel conveniently rests over a single glass, measuring cup, or even a large pitcher.  The Mastrad 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer is so easy to use that I can prepare my family a fresh glass of orange juice in a moments notice.  We recently bought a carton of orange juice from the grocery store and no one in my family seems to be drinking it.  We have become spoiled by the amazing taste of fresh squeezed orange juice!  I must admit that there is something special about having a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice in the morning.  The process of creating the juice yourself is surprisingly fun and makes the reward of fresh juice that much sweeter in the end.  Once the weather warms up, I plan on using my new citrus juicer to prepare fresh lemonade!

February 2014 641

The Mastrad Oil and Flavor Mister can help you perfectly season salads, brown meats and grease oven dishes!  I love this Mister and so does my family.  It works great and is even easy to clean.  In fact, my 3-year-old son had a blast helping me clean our new Mastrad mister.  He loves to pump soapy water out of the mister.  It is a fun way for him to help me clean and enjoy some sensory play.  The base of the mister is glass, so I would not let a child touch the mister without close supervision.  However, with a little assistance from an adult, my little ones love to help cook or bake and these gadgets make it all the more fun!  This mister pumps easily and sprays so well I can even aim the mist through the funnel of our juicer!

February 2014 632 February 2014 634

I recently started eating more salads so this mister has become a great new tool for creating seasoned oils.  The Mastrad Mister actually has a recipe for pizza oil that I want to try soon, but right now I love using my mister to spray my favorite Tuscan Herb olive oil on salads and meats.  I love that this mister allows me to create my own seasonings as well simply use it as a tool to easily spray my favorite oils when needed.  It even has a built-in filter to prevent clogging.  The Mastrad Oil and Flavor Mister has also allowed me to say goodbye to the aerosol spray cans I used to use when greasing my dishes.

April 2014 188

Connect with Mastrad via Facebook and Twitter to get cooking tips, recipes, and stay informed of new products and promotions!

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juicer OilMister

Treat yourself to Mastrad cooking gadgets and have a little fun in the kitchen.  These gadgets and other Mastrad cooking tools also make great gifts.

I received the Mastrad 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer and Oil and Flavor Mister for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the products I reviewed.


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Welcome to a NEW Kind of Beech-Nut

March 2014 893

Home made is the inspiration for the new line of Beech-Nut real baby food.  As a mother who has grown frustrated with the long list of unnatural ingredients in foods marketed towards my children, I find this inspiration to be refreshing.  Beech-Nut is proud to introduce their new natural baby food line which includes a great selection of fruits, veggies, and fruit and vegetable blends for you to have readily on hand in your pantry.  When baby is hungry, simply pop open the lid on one of these glass jars and enjoy 100% natural baby food.  The packaging of this new baby food line is as fresh as the ingredients inside.  The glass jars have an easy to hold shape and allow you to see the vivid colors of the baby food inside.  I love the Beech-Nut baby food packaging but even that takes a backseat to the food inside.  Imagine my surprise when I open the jar to find that the baby food actually looks like real food!  I was so excited to feed my baby girl this food.  We had the chance to try four different flavors.  Each jar of food was fresh looking and best of all it was clearly not watered down.  My daughter devoured the Beech-Nut Just Honey Crisp Apples so quickly that I had to scrape the jar to get a taste for myself.  These apples were definitely not watered down during the cooking process.  I could really taste the Honey Crisp apple.  Yum!  You may just find yourself hoping your baby does not finish the Just Honey Crisp Apples so you can finish them yourself!

March 2014 943

Beech-Nut baby food is just real food.  They create a puree from fresh quality ingredients.  Beech-Nut creates the puree before cooking the fruits and vegetables to avoid cooking nutrients away.  Once the puree is ready to be cooked, Beech-Nut uses indirect heat so none of the nutrients or flavors get watered down.  They eve

Beech-Nut is pleased to announce that they are working with the Non-GMO Project and seeking verification for all of their products.  Beech-Nut believes the Non-GMO Project’s seal is a good fit for their products, because the seal is trustworthy, defensible, transparent, and (most importantly) requires ongoing testing. 

Buy It!

March 2014 941

With this new product line, Beech-Nut is making it extremely easy for us parents to feed our babies real food.  Say goodbye to artificial preservatives and try 100% natural Beech-Nut products.

I received Beech-Nut baby food via Mom Select for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the products I reviewed.

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Easter Candy Buffet and Party Supplies

March 2014 1109

Oriental Trading Company has an amazing selection of party supplies and Easter goodies.  When shopping on the Oriental Trading website one day, I came across an idea for an Easter Candy Buffet.  Since Easter is usually associated with spring colors and candy, this seemed like a very appealing way to serve up some Easter treats!  I wanted to display most of the candy, so it served as both décor and food.  I found a set of mason jars at Oriental Trading that would work great for the candy buffet and then I can also use them for another project or party in the future.

March 2014 1116

Oriental Trading offers a variety of festive supplies and goodies that say “Happy Easter” on the product.  However, Oriental Trading also has a great selection of items made with spring colors that will work with any Easter décor.  They recently introduced a product line of chevron party supplies.  They are available in a wide variety of colors and give a fun and modern feel to any party.  I could not resist the pink chevron party plates because they remind me of decorated Easter eggs!  The lollipop lane napkins and candy strip slap bracelets are colorful additions to a candy buffet.  Since I went with some fun patterns for the plates and napkins, I decided to go with a plain solid colored tablecloth.  As an added bonus, these tablecloths are also super cheap!

March 2014 1342

Oriental Trading also has an amazing selection of crafts, toys, and games for the kids!  My hubby recently celebrated a birthday and my son was very concerned about his dad having a great birthday party.  He decided party games were a must.  Thankfully, I had recently ordered the Egg-Citing Egg Spoon Game Set from Oriental Trading, so we had the perfect party game for my kids to play with mom and dad!  This set includes 6 wooden spoons and 6 eggs.  The spoons and eggs are painted fun bright colors.  Our pink spoon and egg were not painted the best but overall the Egg-Citing Egg Spoon Game Set is a fun activity perfect for parties!   The Egg-Citing Egg Spoon Game Set allows you to have all the fun of an egg race without a mess.  With each drop of an egg, we were all laughing….which I might warn you against because laughing causes everyone else to drop their eggs!

 April 2014 138

Sidewalk chalk is another fun item that kids love and entertains them during parties.  Oriental Trading has really cute stripe and polka dot sidewalk chalk that will look just as festive as the decorated Easter eggs this holiday!  This sidewalk chalk comes in a clear plastic bucket that is great for storage and also allows you to easily see the fun designs the kids love.  Since this sidewalk chalk and the slap bracelets are so visually appealing, I am actually contemplating a toy buffet.  I might fill some mason jars with the chalk, bracelets, and bright polka dot noise makers from Oriental Trading Company.

March 2014 1117This is little Miss C’s first taste of a lollipop. You would never guess from her relaxed pose that she is enjoying her first sweet taste of candy!  These large swirl lollipops from Oriental Trading are super cute and colorful and they taste great.  After baby girl had a few licks of the lollipop, I had a few of my own.  It is undeniably fun to eat an extra-large and colorful lollipop.  When my boys saw these lollipops, their eyes just about bugged out of their heads.  I am happy to report that these lollipops taste as good as they look.

March 2014 1087

I am a long time Oriental Trading customer, but this was my first time ordering candy.  The large lollipops arrived wrapped in bubble wrap inside of a box.  The packaging was excellent and only one lollipop had a small crack.  I also ordered a box of machine sized Gumballs from Oriental Trading to restock our Gumball machine.  If you don’t have a Gumball machine, these would add a splash of color to any Easter Candy Buffet if you simply put them in a glass jar.

gumballsBuy It!

Check out the new Easter supply arrivals at Oriental Trading Company.  If you don’t have spring fever already, these adorable party supplies and fun goodies are sure to get you in the mood for spring flowers and sunshine!

Connect with Oriental Trading on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest to keep informed of new products and promotions.

I was provided Easter/Spring Party Supplies from Oriental Trading for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of the experience I had with the products I reviewed.

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