Cars 3: Lead the Way


Cars 3: Lead the Way is a children’s story based off of the Disney Pixar Cars 3 movie.  This 40 page picture book will take your Cars fan through Lightning McQueen’s latest journey with Cruz Ramirez.  Lead The Way is full of great illustrations by Pixar Animation Studios artist, Garrett Taylor.  He actually designed characters and environments for the Cars 3 film!  These artistic illustrations are fun and exciting.  In fact, my son loves to look at the illustrations in Lead The Way over and over again.

Lead The Way is fun book for Cars fans and the message in the story is great for all kids…..and a great reminder for adults as well!  This story encourages the reader to follow your dreams and believe in the impossible.  Lead The Way takes this positive message from the Cars 3 movie and highlights how special and valuable it is to have someone important in your life to help guide you and teach you.  In Lead The Way the readers get to see how the cars face their fears and are rewarded with great memories and new friends in the end.  I love how this story also teaches the reader that at certain points in your life you may be the leader or teacher and at other times you will be benefiting from someone else showing you the way.  Lead The Way has great illustrations that help cars fans visualize the race cars, both old and new, on this new adventure.  Plus, the little life lessons hidden in the story are a great bonus!

Buy It!

Cars 3: Lead The Way is available for purchase online and in stores.  Barnes & Noble has an exlusive copy of Lead The Way available for purchase that includes inspiration cards inside.  Books make great gifts for holidays as well as rewards.  This week my kids had parent teacher conferences and they are always rewarded with a new book if we get good reports!  This book would make a great gift for any Cars fan as well as a tool to encourage great personal choices in and out of school.

I received a copy of Cars 3: Lead The Way for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.

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