Glow Products to Light Up Halloween!

Looking for some fun non-candy items to hand out to kids this Halloween?  Glow in the dark goodies may just be the perfect thing to hand out.  Oriental Trading has an awesome selection of glow products.  You will find a wide variety of glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces.  A lot of fun Halloween events and activities take place in the evenings so wearing glow bracelets and necklaces can be a fun way to stay visible.  Oriental Trading also has a long list of fun glow toys, cups, tattoos, and more!

Last year a couple houses in our neighborhood handed out glow toys to the kids on Halloween and this excited the kids much more than candy.  This year we decided to hand out some glow toys along with other goodies this Halloween.  My kids picked out the glow in the dark spiders from Oriental Trading.  These spiders have red eyes and glow really well after sitting in natural light for a minute.  These glow in the dark spiders are available for purchase in a pack of 50 or 108.  These spiders make great party favors and are an easy way to add to Halloween décor.  However, the large number of spiders you get for your money makes them great to hand out to Trick or Treaters!

When I spotted the Light Up Puffer Ball Skull Yo-yos, I immediately knew my kids would love these.  These skulls are fun neon colors with spooky skeleton face.  The fringes on the head add texture to this yo-yo that no kid can resist.  Plus, they light up!  Honestly, these light up skull yo-yos may be the best Halloween themed goody I have seen this year.  Since each yo-yo is 3 inches in size and has a 3 inch cord attached to the head, this toy is a handful of fun.  My son did pull, stretch, and beat on one skull to no end and it did deflate eventually but the others are still going strong.  Honestly, even if the skulls deflate eventually, the amount of enjoyment the kids already got out of them made them worth it.  The Light Up Puffer Ball Skull Yo-Yos are great party favors or perfect treats for the special trick or treaters you have coming to your door.  These toys are simply cool to look at, touch, and play with.  Simply put the small loop at the end of the cord on your finger and toss the skull away from you.  When it bounces back to your palm the light up feature will kick in and you will have a fun colorful lit up skull to play with.

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Check out the great selection of glow products at Oriental Trading.


I received the glow products featured in this post for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.


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