Ice Excavation Experiment


Looking for a fun activity to entertain your kids on a hot summer day?  Toy ice excavation may be the easiest activity you could to do this summer!  Best of all….it is free!

What you will need:

Ice tray or baking dish

Toys that will fit in the dishes you choose to use.




Once you have decided on the dishes or ice trays you will be using, send your kids on a toy hunt.  This alone kept my kids busy for quite some time.  My kids seriously dug through all of their toys before deciding on what toys were the best fit for our ice tray and silicone baking dishes.  My kids enjoy the hunt for the perfect toys almost as much as excavating them later.


Let your kids poor water over all of their toys and they will quickly discover which of the toys they chose will sink and which ones will float.  My kids like to have a variety of toy sizes as well.  Once they are done looking at all of the toys in the water, place the trays in the freezer.  My kids purposely chose some toys that were too big for the tray because they thought it would be cool to see the toys poking partial out of the ice.


Once the water is frozen excavation can be done in many ways.  On a hot sunny day you may choose to watch some of the ice melt away from the toys.  The small ice tray created small enough ice cubes that my kids could simply throw them on the ground and they would break apart.  They had fun doing that for a few toys but I think watching them melt in water may haven been everyone’s favorite.  Toy tools and kid safe kitchen utensils such as tongs are great for chipping away at the ice as well.  The tools will most likely be a must if you use a larger pan to freeze all of the toys into one large ice block.


My kids ages ranging from 4 to 9 all love this activity so much that they immediately request to freeze more toys after the excavation is complete each and every time we do this activity.  It never gets boring for them because they are constantly thinking of ways to freeze different toys.  Ice excavation has been a great way to get my kids to be creative and have fun together.


The beads were especially fun to excavate!  What else would be fun to freeze?


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