Patriotic Party: Red, White, and Blue!

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Planning a patriotic themed gathering this summer?  Fill your party with fun, food, laughter, and a whole lot of red, white, and blue with a few of these Oriental Trading goodies!  Keep your guests both young and old busy with outdoor games and activities.   Patriotic decor and food will also have your guests celebrating along with you this July.  Glow in the dark accessories will at to your festivities as the sun goes down.

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Add a little fun and excitement to your barbeque with potato sack races!  These races are sure to have your guests falling down laughing.


I was really impressed with the quality and durability of the Pony Express potato sacks from Oriental Trading.  Our yard is pretty wet yet after a week of nonstop rain.  After the race the outside of the sacks were covered in mud but I simply hosed them down and hung them to dry in the sun and they are good to go for another race.  No tears or any damage of any kind happened to these sacks after multiple races.  Oriental Trading has a wide variety of potato sack styles.  The Pony Express are really fun and the red and white design works great for a patriotic themed party!


Paper Appetizer Plates are a great way to get a festive look and make clean up a breeze when the party ends. Red, white, and blue edible crayons and Rice Krispies Stars are fun treats for guests both young and old.  My kids absolutely love eating food off a stick so it is a must for me to make some type of treat kabob for any summer picnic, BBQ, or any other they can come up with!  Truthfully, I kind of get their love of kabob treats.  They look so fun!  This is also an easy way to get them to eat a lot of fruit.  My oldest simply loves the combo of cheese and strawberries on a stick.  The great thing about treat kabobs is that if you have unexpected guests you can simply use anything you have on hand.  I wanted to create a treat kabob using only red and white foods so I used strawberry, marshmallow, licorice to create this afternoon snack since they were all conveniently in my house already.  The blue patriotic fruit kabob sticks are part of set of 25 that also include red and white star sticks.  These sticks are really durable. In fact, I ordered this set from Oriental Trading a couple years ago and they are still a party favorite.

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The Captain’s hat from Oriental Trading may be one of the best purchases you will ever make.  This hat fits an adult but my kids can easily wear it as well.  Not only does the hat create fun photo opportunities but it is an accessory that both adults and kids will all want to give a try.  Since we only have one captain’s hat, we deemed the winner of each game we played was rewarded the right to wear the Captain’s hat.  Since no BBQ is complete without some fun yard games.  This reward was a big hit.


The Washer Toss Game from Oriental Trading is a great party game.  This game can be played with two or four players and is scored similar to the game of horseshoes.  This game is great for both adults and kids.  Simply move the boxes closer together for younger children and let the washer tossing begin!  The washers are made of a weighted plastic so you don’t have to worry about kids tossing them.  On a rainy day this game is even great indoors.


The washer toss game is not very big or heavy so it is easy to travel with as well.  Bring it to the park or your next party.  The red, white, and, blue coloring of this game also adds to the festive feel when hosting a patriotic party!


When a little down time is needed for the kids, I often pull out sticker scene sets.  Oriental Trading has these sets in a wide variety of themes and the Peanuts Patriotic Sticker Scenes set is perfect for the 4th of July!  This sticker scenes set are a fun way to encourage kids to sit down and get creative and they are always so proud of their creations!  The Peanuts Patriotic set comes with 12 flag pages for the background as well as 12 sticker sheets.  Each sticker page has a large selection of patriotic stickers featuring many Peanuts characters.


Sticker scenes are a fun party activity for kids that really provides little to no mess.  This makes them one of my go to party activities.  The younger kids simply love the act of peeling stickers off one sheet and sticking them to another.  The older kids really get into decorating their flags.  At the end of the day you will have a dozen patriotic flags proudly being displayed by your little party guests.  The sticker scenes sets are especially great in case of rain!

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Add to your festivities with patriotic gliders.  Oriental Trading offers a few different styles of patriotic themed gliders.  The Jumbo Patriotic Gliders have the head of an eagle and patriotic wings.  These freedom flyers are made of foam and are fun for kids and adults.


Glow in the Dark accessories are a must for any patriotic party that continues after sunset.  Oriental Trading has an amazing selection of glow products.  We order glow products every year for the 4th of July.  The patriotic tri-color premium glow sticks have been my go to choice for years.  We love the look and quality of those glow sticks but this year my little Star Wars fans begged to try the patriotic light-up flashing batons.  These plastic batons come in a set of 6 and provide a lot of entertainment for kids.  These batons have 3 different light up features and can be turned off as well so we have been able to use them more than once.  The light-up flashing batons are also a great way to keep track of your littles in the dark!



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I received the patriotic items featured here for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.

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