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3DLightFX has created some seriously cool wall décor for kids and collectors.  The 3DLightFX Star Wars R2D2 recently busted its way into my son’s bedroom and has been a smash hit with everyone who sets eyes on it.  This R2D2 mounted on the wall is truly eye catching.  It does not look like your average wall décor.  The robot is mounted flush to the wall and appears to be coming through it at an angle.  This makes an impact on anyone who steps into the room.  The fun of 3DLightFX wall décor is not limited to Star Wars fans as they offer a great selection of characters as well as sports themed lights.

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A wall decal provides the look of your wall being busted and the decal conveniently marks the two places where the screws should go to mount the light on the wall.  The light itself is light weight yet sturdy.  The light feature is battery operated leaving the 3D light to be cordless.


My boys are big Star Wars fans and they love this 3D light.  Two different spots on R2D2 send off a soft glow of light that can be turned on manually or set to timer.  The light is not very strong but we didn’t expect it to be.  We ordered the 3D light more for the look than to function as a night light.  However, the fact it lights up does at to the fun. My kids think the R2D2 is extremely cool looking and all of their friends love it as well.  The idea of your favorite Star Wars character busting into the room has great appeal to the kids.

Buy It!

Star Wars 3D Wall Nightlights including the R2D2 are available for purchase in Target stores as well as online at Target.

I received the 3DLightFX R2D2 Star Wars 3D Wall Nightlight for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of the product I reviewed.

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