Saran Wrap Ball Game


Looking for a fun and easy game that is great for any party?  The Saran Wrap Ball party game can be easily customized for any party.  Simply select some small fun items to roll into plastic wrap that are appropriate for your guests.  This can be adults only, kids only, or both… get to decide!  Remember to start with your best prize in the middle and add the others as you continue to wrap and build your ball.  I decided to throw a small ball together for my kids to unwrap on New Years Eve.  The center of the ball has a dollar bill (they are young and easy to please yet) and the rest of the ball is filled with candy, erasers, and coins.  With only three kids claiming all the prizes, I kept my ball simple.  Also, with no gender specific prizes since I will have boys and girls getting the prizes.  Simply add more items for a larger group of people.


Since my youngest is only 3 years old I kept the size of my plastic ball to be fairly small. I didn’t want the kids to get frustrated or bored with the game.  To play the game simply choose someone to be first at unwrapping the ball.  The person to the right of the person unwrapping rolls two dice repeatedly until he or she rolls a pair.  While that person is rolling the dice the first person continues to unwrap the ball and may keep any prizes he or she reveals.  Once the person with the dice rolls pairs the dice and ball get passed to the next person.  The game continues like this until the last prize is revealed.  This game is great for Christmas parties, birthdays, and any other group gathering really.


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