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My boys have been wearing Pediped shoes for many years.  Once they reached school age, the Pediped Flex shoe quickly became a must have for my boys.  They are comfortable for them to wear all day long and they are easy to put on and take off.  This is very helpful for the daily rush of getting ready for school as well as for gym days when the kids need to change their shoes at school.  Not to mention, the dreaded long winter that will begin before we know it.  There are many cold and snowy months here that require our kids to go to school in snow boots for a good portion of the school year which results in the kids needing to put their own shoes on at school once they arrive inside the school building.  Pediped Flex shoes allow my boys to quickly put their shoes on with no fuss.  Pediped  offers a wide variety of Flex shoes for both boys and girls that are not only great for school but for the holiday season as well!


My 8 year old son’s Flex Highlander black shoes have proven to be perfect for both school and Halloween!  This year my son is dressing up like Harry Potter and the all black Pediped Flex Highlander shoes look great with his costume.  These Flex shoes have a mesh lining that is very breathable.  They also have a flexible rubber sole.  These two features make these shoes comfortable for my son to wear all day with no complaints.  The Flex Highlander shoe also has a Velcro closure making them very easy to put on and take off quickly.  The tongue of the shoe is attached with a small patch of velcro to the top shoe strap.  This helps prevent the tongue from sliding down.  This provides a comfortable fit during wear and also prevents the tongue from getting pushed down while the child is putting on the shoe.  A very smart design feature!  The Flex Highlander shoe has a more casual style and fit.  However, the all black color of my son’s shoes makes them quite versatile.


The Flex Highlander shoes even held up well to a hay maze and long spooky walk at zoo.  The photo above was taken at the end of the evening.  Harry Potter’s Pediped Flex Highlander shoes are quite dirty and Mickey Mouse is about to fall asleep.  The Zoo Boo was hours of fun and walking and my son’s feet were comfy and warm throughout the night!  I love how well pediped shoes clean up. Some pediped shoes are machine washable but his pair is not due to the leather.  I didn’t have to worry about these shoes getting dirty throughout the nights festivities because they spot clean well with baby wipes or with mild wet soap and water.  They still look new after so many adventures!


Harry Potter was spotted in my backyard casting spells while wearing his Flex Highlander shoes!

Buy It!


The Flex Highlander shoe is available on the Pediped website in the black color featured here as well as in chocolate brown.  These shoes are part of the Flex Fit System so can come with additional insoles that can be inserted for a snug fit and then removed for room as your child’s foot grows.  These insoles can reduce shoe size by almost half a size which can then extend the wear time your child can have with the shoes!

Pediped will be launching two brand new, web-exclusive styles in November! These shoes will have an extremely limited run and each pair will come with an individually signed and hand numbered card.  Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to own these exclusive styles! These styles are expected to sell-out quickly, so keep an eye on this pediped page to find out when you can grab yours.

I received a pair of the Flex Highlander shoes for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product I reviewed.

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