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DSC_0220Whether a child expresses an interest in outer space or simply wants to count the stars, a telescope is a great way to encourage exploration.  The GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope offers an easy to use and  fun way to introduce your little ones to astronomy.  A clear starry night lit by a full moon has always held a certain allure that most kids can’t resist.  My kids can spend hours postponing bedtime by looking out their windows at the night sky.  Unlike traditional telescopes that require you to look through one eyepiece, the GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope has two eyepieces for easy viewing.  This makes it much easier for young children to get comfortable with looking into the telescope.

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Outer space is a fascinating topic that many kids love to explore.  I will never forget the night I had just tucked in my oldest son, who was 4 at the time, and he called me back to his room to ask me a question.  I assumed he would request a drink of water, but was I ever wrong.  He simply wanted to know what the inside of the planet Venus looked like.  After a brief pause on my part as I tried to think of a way to answer his question, I promised him I would take him to the library in the morning to check out some books on the planet Venus.  Over the years, my and kids and I have read tons of books on the solar system but looking at pictures is never as exciting as viewing the real thing.


The GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope is simple to assemble and easy to use yet I think it’s a great idea to have kids practice during the day time so they get comfortable using the telescope.  Kids get excited and tend to jump and move around a lot which is not ideal for keeping a precise location for viewing.  Therefore, it was helpful for my kids to practice during the day time at finding an object in the distance to focus on through the telescope lens.  My kids chose the silos located on a farm off in the distance to focus on viewing through the telescope.  They learned that they can’t move the telescope around or even bump it or their view will quickly change.  Once you find the object you wish to view, you can turn the small round knob to reduce the range of movement and avoid losing your location.   Since the goal was to view the moon and stars and night (when my kids are sleepy and less patient), so it was very helpful to get some of the how to lessons out-of-the-way during the day time hours.

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The two eyepieces truly make this the ideal first telescope.  The purple goggle style material helps the child comfortable lean into a good view.  The material has give to it so your child can comfortably press his or her face against it.  There is also a cutout for the nose.  The GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope offers 10x Magnification with wide field of vision and a built-in diagonal mirror.  The lens cap is also conveniently attached to the telescope by a string so it won’t get lost during exploration.  Since the lens is focus free, my kids can even search out objects such as the moon, silos, trees, and a couple rather bright stars without any assistance.  I love listening to their squeals of delight when they are able to find these objects all on their own.  They are so proud after each new discovery.


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    I think my kids would love this. I will have to add it to the Christmas gift list. Thanks!

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    My sweetie would love this!

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