Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen Interactive Tiggly App

TigglyWordsSesame SESAME WORKSHOP and TIGGLY recently teamed up to create a fun new app to help your little one build on their reading skills.  The Alphabet Kitchen app can be played with just your fingers if you don’t have Tiggly Words; however, these Tiggly learning toys introduce a tactile dimension to tablet play that my kids can’t resist!  With this fun new app your little ones can create cookies with Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.  Your little ones will start out creating and spelling three letter words and will work their way up to bigger and more difficult words.  Sesame Street and Tiggly have combined

IMG_6225 IMG_6217 IMG_6219 IMG_6220

My kids would play this app all day long if I let them!  Cookie Monster has them laughing out loud as he eats their cookie creations and my son has already learned how to spell many more words.  In fact, he walks around the house telling me how to spell words he learned while playing Alphabet Kitchen.

DSC_0023 DSC_0025

According to my kids, Alphabet Kitchen is a hit!

Buy It!


Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen app is available for purchase at iTunes OR you can score this amazing app for free when you purchase Tiggly Words.  Tiggly Words now comes with FOUR apps and one of those apps in now Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen!  Tiggly is celebrating the holidays and their partnership with Sesame Street with a whole weekend of 30% off all Tiggly Toys with promo code: TIGGLYCELEBRATION!

I received the Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen app for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.

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