SmartPlanet Electric Mac & Cheese Maker Review & Giveaway

DSC_0791SmartPlanet recently introduced a new all in one mac & cheese maker!  This cool electric device allows you to make warm gooey yummy mac & cheese quickly and easily.  Mac & Cheese has always been one of those comfort foods I crave so I was delighted when my baby girl fell in love with mac & cheese as well.  When I was given the chance to try the new SmartPlanet Electric Mac & Cheese Maker, I quickly recruited the perfect individual to critique the final product… two-year old, Charlotte.  She loves her mac & cheese and I don’t know if anyone is more honest than an opinionated two-year old!

DSC_0757The Smart Planet Electric Mac & Cheese Maker has everything you need to prepare good batch of cheesy noodles with the exception of the food ingredients and an oven mitt. This convenient mac & cheese maker has a built in strainer and a handle that allows you to stir the food while the lid is closed.  Preparing mac & cheese with this product is surprisingly quick and easy.  Simply pour the required amount of water through the ingredient hole on lid of the mac & cheese maker.  Plug your electric mac & cheese maker in and turn the nob to boil.  This little device heats up quick.

DSC_0767 DSC_0210DSC_0784 DSC_0785

Once the water was boiling we poured the noodles in via the ingredient hole.  At this stage it is important to lower the heat to simmer on your eclectic mac & cheese maker.  The first time I used this, I forgot that step and my water boiled out through the top.  On the up side, even with that little mistake the mac & cheese turned out yummy!  While the noodles boil, periodically stir them using the handle at the top of the lid.  My daughter absolutely loves to stir the ingredients.  Even when wearing an extremely oversized oven mitt she can easily stir the handle.  I am very happy with the quality of the mac & cheese this product produces.  It cooks the noodles perfectly and mixes the ingredients so well that the noodles are smooth and creamy when done.  I always clean up my mac & cheese maker after we are done eating our yummy creation and it is pretty quick and easy.  Just be sure to never put the base in the water since the electric part of the maker would get damaged.


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The Smart Planet Electric Mac & Cheese Maker would be a great gift for college students as well as any family.  My kids love getting the chance to help me prepare a hot meal.  Since any food prepared on the stove is off limits for my little one’s to help with, this electric mac & cheese maker is a big hit with my kids.  All you need to do is cover those little hands with oven mitts to be sure they are protected from the heat of the steam and your little ones can help a warm gooey pot of delicious comfort food!  The SmartPlanet Electric Mac & Cheese Maker is available for purchase online at the SmartPlanet website.

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One lucky reader at The Children’s Nook is going to win a SmartPlanet Electric Mac & Cheese Maker!

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Giveaway will end at 12:01 a.m. (eastern time) on October 28, 2015.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.  The winner will be selected by and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. 

I received the SmartPlanet Electric Mac & Cheese Maker for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.

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20 Responses to SmartPlanet Electric Mac & Cheese Maker Review & Giveaway

  1. Erin Ellis says:

    How wonderful! I would also love the Hostess Twinkies Bake Set.

  2. Heather Dawn says:

    I would love to have the Smart Start Steamer!

  3. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I like the whole snoopy line of products. My son loves Snoopy.

  4. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I would be sharing this and making Mac & cheese for my son and two daughters.

  5. Laurie V says:

    I would love to try the Nesquik Chocolate Fountain Fondue Maker!

  6. Julie Waldron says:

    I like to try the Lemonade Maker.

  7. Julie Waldron says:

    My 22 year old daughter is the biggest mac & cheese fan in the family!

  8. kathy downey says:

    I would like the Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster

  9. kathy downey says:

    My granddaughter is a fan of Mac-n-Cheese

  10. Charity L. says:

    My daughter loves Mac n cheese!

  11. cheryl s says:

    the snoopy chocolate fountain is cool

  12. Kristie says:

    I’m the biggest mac & cheese fan in my family. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  13. Kristie says:

    I would like to have the Snoopy & Charlie Brown Character Waffle Maker. Too cute! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  14. Charity L. says:

    I would like the Snoopy Grilled Cheese Maker.

  15. Terra Heck says:

    I also like the Large Portion Perfect Meal Kit. Thanks.

  16. Terra Heck says:

    My two teen sons are the Mac & Cheese fans in my house. Thanks.

  17. susan says:

    I would love to try the Large Portion Perfect Meal Kit too.

  18. susan says:

    My little one is the mac and cheese fan, big time!

  19. Fiona N says:

    My son is the mac & cheese fan in my family! I would love to win this super awesome prize for him!
    Thank You for the chance

  20. Fiona N says:

    I also would love to try the Snoopy & Charlie Brown Character Waffle Maker
    Thank You

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