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We are big fans of the PBS KIDS television series, Wild Kratts.  Brothers, Martin and Chris, educate and entertain my children on a regular basis.  The combination of these real life brothers exploring nature and then using science (and a little TV magic) to gain first hand knowledge of different creatures is a huge hit with kids.  When I found out the Kratt brothers were doing a live tour, I knew I had to check it out.  I was intrigued by how Martin and Chris were going to use creature power on stage in person.  These two brothers do a great job of getting kids excited about nature in the Wild Kratts television series and this live performance was no different.

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Wild Kratts live is a fun and entertaining production that uses a combination of animation and real life interaction similar to the actual television series.  The Kratt brothers had the entire theater filled with kids on the edge of their seats yelling out in participation and laughing.  I took all three of my kids ages, 7, 4, and 2 to Wild Kratts Live and they all enjoyed it.  We even had a young teenage girl in front of us who had been to one of their shows several years ago and is still such a big fan today that she couldn’t resist seeing the show this year.  This show is filled with fun creatures, lots cool facts and loads of humor.  My 7-year-old son could figure out some of the tricks they used in order to perform the creature power tasks; however, it didn’t take away from his enjoyment of the show.  He was simply proud he could figure it out.  In fact, my 7-year-old was so in love with this event that he did not want to even leave his seat during intermission!

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The Kratts brothers do an amazing job of getting kids excited about science and nature.  They even did a shout out for girls who love science during the show.  The young girls in the audience loved that Kratts brothers respect female scientists like their fellow Wild Kratts friend, Aviva.  This was great to see and is a great message for young girls!  If you get the chance to check out the show, the Kratts brothers will also share some fun information with you about new Wild Kratts episodes they are currently filming and what new creature powers they will be exploring soon!

Buy Tickets!

Treat your kids and yourself to an entertaining experience you are sure to remember.  Live shows can get a little pricey but I was delighted to find that Wild Kratts Live is very reasonably priced.  Prices may vary based on location.

I received tickets to Wild Kratts Live in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the event.

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