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Uncle Milton is a brand I often turn to when in search of fun unique gift ideas for my kids and their friends.  The selection of brands offered is excellent and they all pique the interest of my kids.  We recently had the chance to try an Uncle Milton game from the Dino X Team toy line.  The T-Rexcavator Dinosaur Excavation Game tests your dinosaur knowledge as well as your excavation skills.  You must answer dinosaur trivia found on the bone excavation cards and then carefully remove each dinosaur bone without making the T. Rex roar!  My kids love this part.  That T-REX sure knows how to get this mama to jump!  Since the excavation tool is a small tweezers, this game is best for children ages 5 years and up.  Collect the most bones and you win the game!

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My six-year-old and I have a lot of fun playing the T-REXcavator Dinosaur Excavation Game.  This game is very fun and quite challenging.  There are a few bones that are even difficult for the adults to get out with the tweezers.  I love watching my son play this game. He tries every angle to find the best method to “dig” for dinosaur bones.  That dinosaur roar has startled us and left us in fits of giggles many times because it has caught us with our heads so close to the game board lost in concentration!  Since we found some of the bones to be more difficult to “dig” out, my son came up with a clever rule to give us a better chance at success.  Each card has a point value on it ranging from 10 to 50.  My six-year-old decided that what ever number is in front of the zero of the card’s point value will represent the number of attempts the player is allowed to have to get the bone out.  For example, if the card as a point value of 20, the player would get 2 attempts at digging the bone out without making the dinosaur roar.  This little rule he came up with all on his own has worked out great.  A couple extra attempts takes the sting out of not succeeding over and over again when we were getting used to handling the tweezers.  Over time I am sure we will get better at it and will no longer use my son’s rule but for now we are enjoying it his way.  This game really encourages concentration and works those fine motor skills.  You also get to have fun learning dinosaur facts and hearing that T-REX roar.

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My son gets so excited with every dinosaur bone he can dig out without making T-REX roar!  This game is fun for all but especially fun for dinosaur fans and lovers of science.

Buy It!

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The T-REXcavator Dinosaur Excavation Game can be purchased online at the Uncle Milton website.  This game is roarin’ fun!

I received the T-REXcavator Game from Uncle Milton for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product I reviewed.

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