Leprechaun Trap

March 2014 740

Last night my 5-year-old requested my help in building a leprechaun trap.  Since this was the night before St. Patrick’s Day, we had to be resourceful and use what supplies we already had at home.  My son decorated a box with colors and stickers.  I cut the hole in the middle while Aidan and his daddy built stairs out of Legos.  If we had more time we probably would have searched for some green Lego pieces but the red and white were still fun and bright.  We folded a piece of green felt and placed it under the box.  My son hoped this extra padding would soften the leprechaun’s fall.  My son then placed a piece of toffee wrapped in a shiny gold package inside of the trap.  He also placed a penny on every other step leading up to the hole in the box.

March 2014 849

Apparently several of my son’s classmates were talking about the leprechaun traps they built last week, so my son was eager to build one of his own.  I am assuming the kids must be talking about leprechauns a lot because my son has been peppering me with questions.  He really wanted to know if leprechauns were real and setting a trap seemed like a good place to start.  We recently read The Little Einstein’s Irish Adventure and in this story we learned that most leprechauns are shoemakers and if you catch a leprechaun, he must grant you three wishes.  The Little Einstein’s use chocolate coins to trap the leprechaun in the story and are then granted three wishes.  We used their idea of candy wrapped in gold to try and trap a leprechaun.  Maybe my son is hoping to get three wishes of his very own as well!

March 2014 754

My son woke me up early St. Patrick’s Day morning asking me if I thought we caught a leprechaun.  He won’t go downstairs by himself so he waited patiently (meaning he followed me around jumping up and down asking if we could go down yet) while I changed and dressed his baby sister.  He ran to the trap and discovered a rainbow of Skittles had replaced the coins on the Lego stairs.  He cautiously peaked inside the box.  He was both delighted and a little confused to find a pile of Skittles inside where the toffee candy had once been.  Through all of his excitement, he missed the note on the table:

March 2014 850

Once the note was read, the boys were off and running to their shoe bins.  The boys each found a green Play-Doh with mini green M&Ms on the lid.

March 2014 751

The boys had a lot of fun this morning and Aidan was thrilled to discover leprechauns were real!  Have you ever built a leprechaun trap?  What other fun things do you do on St. Patrick’s Day?

March 2014 847

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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