Nat Geo Wild Anteater Bug Vac

Nat Geo Wild Anteater Bug Vac

This past week has been extremely cold, and the endless hours trapped indoors can be trying at times.  On days like these I turn to toys that encourage exploration and keep my boys moving.  They need to burn some energy!  My boys have the National Geographic Wild Anteater Bug Vac and this little anteater has been helping me keep them busy.  The Nat Geo Wile Anteater Bug Vac can be used both indoors and outdoors, so we have obviously been using it indoors this past week!  I simply gather several different small light weight objects and spread them out around the house, and my boys spends hours hunting them!  I had some extra felt lying around, so I even cut out a few bugs for them to collect.


The National Geographic Wild Anteater Bug Vac has an easy trigger button that activates the baby anteater’s suction ability.  The Nat Geo Wild Anteater Bug Vac is intended for children five years and up but my toddler loves this bug vac just as much as his big brother.  The trigger is super easy to use, so the only toy function I have to help my toddler with on occasion is taking the belly chamber off and putting it back on the anteater.  The belly chamber has a magnified view on top that allows for an up close look at whatever bugs your little ones may collect.


The National Geographic Wild Anteater Bug Vac is a great toy for both boys and girls and encourages children to get creative and explore their surroundings.  It is no surprise to me that the National Geographic Wild Anteater Bug Vac is an award-winning 2013 toy of the year finalist!  We are having a lot of fun with our baby anteater indoors this winter and my boys can’t wait to take it outdoors this spring to track down bugs!

Buy It!

The National Geographic Wild Anteater Bug Vac is available for purchase online at the National Geographic Store as well as many other retailers.

I was provided a National Geographic Wild Anteater Bug Vac for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.

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7 Responses to Nat Geo Wild Anteater Bug Vac

  1. I need this for the huge spiders we get in the spring-seriously WHERE do they all come from?

  2. amber says:

    Oh this is neat! My daughter would have loved this when she was little she always said the anteater was her favorite animal.

  3. courtney b says:

    that thing is freaky lookin 🙂 but a neat idea.

  4. Janet W. says:

    That is so cute! My grandson would love to play with this!

  5. Michael says:

    Sorry for commenting on an old post, but I saw the pic in the sidebar and had to check it out. My kids are so anti-bug that I can’t really see them using this. Myself? I’d be using it all the time! I’ve gotten to where I feel bad about squashing bugs over the last decade or so…

    • childrensnook says:

      You are welcome to comment on any post old or new Michael:) The anteater really does have a realistic look to it. As a mom of two boys I love that I can explore bugs and insects with them and not have to actually touch them!

  6. Pamela Halligan says:

    This bug vac is so cute. I am so tired of stink bugs in my home, I could really use this vac. Plus, the kids would really get a kick out of using it.

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