Toddler Tuesday: Sharing

This is one of those moments as a mother that just melts my heart.  My toddler continues to amaze me every day at how much he enjoys his little brother.   I walked into the room to find him on the floor with Declan and telling him all about his trucks.  When Aidan noticed me in the room, he told me that he was showing Declan his trucks.  He even took Declan’s hand and had him touch his trucks.  Aidan exclaimed in excitement, “Declan touched my trucks mom!” I think it is so sweet how he wants to share his toys!

I know someday my two boys will have their differences (as all siblings do) but these moments make me so excited that they have each other!

Happy Toddler Tuesday!

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One Response to Toddler Tuesday: Sharing

  1. MJ says:

    That is so sweet!

    My kindergartner knows that his sister is scared of her rocking horse (she will be one Thursday) so he has been very happy to show her how it works lol

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