Toddler Tuesday: Taking away your child’s “Security Blanket”

No more Nuk and a Big Boy Bedroom!

Aidan spent his first night in his big boy room last night.  This was an extremely big deal since it was also his first night without his Nuk. We talked to Aidan about how he is a big boy and now has a big boy room.  We had him throw away his Nuk in the garbage after explaining to him that there will be no more Nuks.  After he threw away his Nuk we gave him a present.  He got a new train for his train table which is in his new room.  We don’t have any of the wall decor up yet.  Hopefully I can get that done next week.

Aidan saying “cheese” for the camera.

Daddy converted Aidan’s old bed back into a crib for our new arrival this December.  Aidan was very excited to be in his new bed.  He climbed in and asked us to pick out books to read to him in bed.  He slept with his new train and his doggies.  However, it took Aidan quite some time to fall asleep without his Nuk.

I definitely felt like the bad guy when Aidan called for me and said he was all done and it’s not okay.  In other words, now that he was tired, he would like his Nuk back.  He was sad that I wouldn’t give him his Nuk back but he didn’t cry and he eventually fell asleep.  He only woke up once during the night.  Around 4 am I woke up hearing him ask for his Nuk.  I found him on the floor in his room, so I put him back in bed.  His new bed does not have a rail, so I think he woke up after rolling out of bed.  He finally broke down and cried because there was no Nuk.  I felt so bad!  He was soothed with some cuddling and a drink of milk, and was back to sleep in less than five minutes.

Hopefully after a few more nights without the Nuk, Aidan will not be so sad.  Did any of your kids have a Nuk, blankie, or stuffed animal that served as a security blanket at bed time?  How did you take it away?

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4 Responses to Toddler Tuesday: Taking away your child’s “Security Blanket”

  1. tess says:

    my son is going to be 2 in october and he still has his paci- i hate it and when i try to take it- we both CRY- ugh- its so hard to have them cry…way to go Aidan!

  2. Cassandra says:

    My daughter has a “manky” she is 21 months and it will be a sad day when Manky has to leave us…

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  4. Prudence says:

    I realize I’m coming to this late (I tried to email you as well but thought I would post here once I found the blog post).

    I absolutely LOVE this decor. It has a car type theme which my boy loves, but it’s more muted (I don’t want a lot of loud, bright stuff when he’s supposed to be going to sleep!).

    Could you give the name of the brand of bedding/ curtains? Seriously, if someone will sell these in reasonably good condition I am interested!


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