Toddler Tuesday: Edible Crayons

We usually spend our 4th of July by the lake, so there are always a lot of family around to celebrate the holiday with us.  I recently learned about this edible crayon recipe where they used back to school themed labels to create a fun treat.  I was really excited about trying this recipe so, I decide to create red, white, and blue crayons for the 4th of July! This is an easy and fun treat to make with your kids!

The food items you see in the picture above were used to create my edible crayons.  I bought my microwavable candy at Hobby Lobby, and just picked up some pretzel rods at my local grocery store.

I melted the candy according to the instructions on the bag and broke each of the pretzel rods in half.  I had a sheet of wax paper on top of the placemat so we could place our dipped pretzel rods there to dry.  I also cut up my crayon labels in advance, so my table was set and ready to go!

Here is my little helper dipping his first pretzel.  I let him choose which color he wanted to dip into first.  After some consideration, Aidan chose blue!

I love how when Aidan concentrates really hard, his tongue creeps out! My little brother always did that when he was coloring.  Since Aidan is only two years old, I only had him dip one end of the pretzel and then I dipped the second end.  I think once he reaches 3 years old he will be able to handle the entire task.

The aftermath!

After every last pretzel was dipped, we went for a walk and left them to dry.

The final product.

After I put my little man down for bed, I taped all of the labels on our edible crayons.  They are not perfect, but for a first time mommy and a two year old I thought they turned out pretty well.

I highly recommend making edible crayons with your kids or grandkids.  It is easy and so much fun!  You can visit Gourmet Mom On-The-Go to view the recipe and print the labels you want to use. She has several fun label options.  There are Christmas labels, Birthday labels, and more!  I used basic crayon labels for my red and blue crayons and then chose the “crayon eatr” label for my white crayons.  To save money on paper, I just went to Office Max and purchased a few sheets of red and blue printer paper from the copy center. I only spent about 40 cents rather than purchasing an entire package of both red and blue paper!  I definitely plan on making these again. I just have to decide which theme or occasion I want to make them for next!

Happy Toddler Tuesday!

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3 Responses to Toddler Tuesday: Edible Crayons

  1. Lisa D says:

    This is an awesome idea! Do they “color” on paper or just look real cool?

  2. Jody H says:

    Those look so fun. I’m going to go and buy the supplies and have the kids do it this week end at the family reunion. Thanks!

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